Saturday, December 29, 2007


It has been ages huh since I have posted an entry.
School semester ended about two weeks ago. Time moves by so fast. Sooner or later spring semester will start and the dramz and stress will come back. Its fun while it lasted.

Not reading anything. I ordered books and they are coming real soon to my house.

The Dragon Queen.
Shadow Music
The Truelove Bride
Blue-Eyed Devil
To Catch a highlander
Let sleeping rouges lie.

I can't wait to preorder Seduce me at sunrise. All i know it that it will come out next year.

ah well.
Have a great new years and be safe please.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

school + work

Earlier in the year, I had this one guy in one of my classes that questioned my teacher on every little damn thing.
Mister know it all. I guess he is used to being..noticed? The kid with the daily gold sticker.

well the teacher I am in the class for, doesn't roll like that. Whenever he said something, the teacher would contradict every thing he would say. And when she does that, I am grinning to myself.

"Shot down"

Don't you hate kids like that? You just want them to shut up and have the teacher teach the lesson?
He doesn't talk anymore thankfully.

Also. I kinda blabbed to a guy in the class that "that guy" is sooo damned annoying and so on and so forth, without me thinking, "hey maybe they know each other."
I don't care. At least he's a mute.

I had a test in every single class except one, and this is the test I am dreading. I don't think I will fail this. I think it will be very straightforward, but the teacher teaches in a way that I haven't been taught before. So its new. I am used to the teacher writing stuff down. Having powerpoint. Going with the book. This teacher just talks, and boy does she talk fast. So I just put my pen down, and listened. There is no way in hell I will go through hand cramps every class period. No sir.
I do believe I have failed my macroEco test. That was a bitch. I never had a test like that in my life. I will be happy with a F plus. LOL

The class that I thought I would be very bad in, is actually the class that I am doing the most well in. I am surprised, but in all honesty, its how the teacher teaches the material. Not the person, though that helps.

Work today was boring. I hate it when its really dead because time goes by so slow. Since there was rarely anybody coming in today, the radio was easier to hear. I heard some songs that I have not heard in ages. So I would catch myself humming to the song, sometimes with the member in front of me. This one guy was blushing all over. I am like..are you ok?
"Its just a really good song."
He was lovely.
I really thought I would have a member that would have a mean ugly attitude. I felt like I would. I haven't had one in a bit, but boy I kinda wanted one today. I was ready to talk back with smack. But alas, just the nice people who smile and blush. Maybe next time.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Quick Question

I would appreciate it if anyone knows how to customize the template where the blog will stop at a certain size, or something.

You see mine where the blog keeps going..and going down..and I want it to stop to like..only three entries showing..

ya know?


ps: book review below

pss: random thing found on myspace. have a laugh

Leave Britney Spears alone!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

being sick + book review

Lord. I was thinking a couple weeks back, "dang, I haven't been sick ALL year..lucky me.."

dammmit!! Jinxed myself!!

i do not have a fever, nor chills, or flu symtoms.
Its all sinus. Sinus headache. Sinus congestion.
Sneezing. Runny Nose. Sneezing. Watery Eyes.


Nothing is working. I really wanted to grab some Aleve cold and sinus since I heard that is the kicker, but i would think this tylenol allergy multi-symptom that I got would work!

Anyway. I finished that book Almost a Bride. Wait..did I even finish it? I am actually sitting here thinking if I did. I put the book down and I was caught reading another. Yes I did. I just now checked the last few pages, and yes. I did.

Ok. Here goes.

There is the name, and there is the author of the book. The heroine is a girl named Arabella and the hero is Jack, Duke of St. Jules. The story starts off with Jack and Frederick Lacey, Earl of Dunston gambling. Gambling to where it is now just the two of them against each other. Lacey, as he is referred in the book numerous times, has bet everything he ownes, so that Jack will accept it, otherwise Lacey will lose (i guess..i duno how the gamble works. JFeather didn't conveniently elaborate) Jack accepts the bet and wins leaving Lacey stone broke. Devestated Lacey walks out to a palor and shoot his brains out. And while the whole thing is happening, the sound of the bang, the rush of people to the palor, Jack is shuffling cards. Like he was OK with the suicide. Jack says, "He made the decisions, my dear, not I. He chose his own risks."
Very crude that, huh?
Anyway, since Jack received everything, I mean everything, he is now the guardian of Lacey's sister, Arabella.
Yeah, the plot thickens..
Arabella used to doing things her way. Period. She is always outside in garden's fussing with her orchids and whatnot when Jack comes strolling in. He explains the situation..

Your brother is dead.
Your brother killed himself.
He gave me everything. Including you.
AND I shall live here...with you in it.

It seemed to me that he was like he was out to ruin her. Come to find out that Jack had a sister named Charlotte who married a French aristocrat and resides in France, during the Terror.
You know the Terror in which people where being executed with the guillotine. Lacey was in France earlier, so was Jack. And Jack was living or visiting with his sister during this Terror. They were hiding out from the securite so they wouldn't be excuted. Lacey was caught and he ratted out the place where Charlotte & and her brother were living. Jack wasn't in the home, he was out doing his job reporting all the names of people who were EXTERMINATED. SOOOO Jack wanted revenge. Lacey got his sister killed, so ultimately I am out to get your sister. During the gambling, Jack wouldn't receive anything less than getting ownership of Arabella.

Of course its a romance novel so you might have guessed what happened. They fell in love.
They took forever. Years went by in the book. And it dragged. Arabella started talking to some French workers and found out that Charlotte might be alive. So Jack and Charlotte go to France and scheme their way into the city and the jail to her. They find her and she is really sick. She dies on the boat back home. This book was about Charlotte. It was really annoying. Jack and Arabella even named their child, Charles, in remembrance of Charlotte! I didn't know this author. I went to Books a Million to grab the new Sylvia Day book, Passion for the Game which was wonderful, and I knew I would be finished with that book in a spiff. I grabed this JFeather book to have something when I was done. Waste of fucking 8 dollar something. Shit. It took me weeks to finish this book. Thats BAD. The longest I took on a romance book, before this was like four days.

grade: D

So now, I am reading a veryyyy mushy Avon book by Catherine Anderson, Sweet Nothings.
I love one of her books, which is one of my favs, but this one is like..violen background music romance. The girl is a basket case, even though Catherine is trying not to make her that way, but she acts weird! I am almost done with that book, so maybe tomorrow you'll see a new review for that.

uh, thats all folks. Have a great rest of your weekend!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


ok. finally. new template is up.
All my links and whatnot on the side is coming later.
I shall do that someday & somewhere over the rainbow.

i want to thank, xxchange for the photographs.
LOVELY pictures.

the patterns are from kaliber 100000. This is THE place for patterned bgs.

Everything else is from me.
Nothing much to the template. Its not all colorful.
But anywayyy.

during my MIA, I of course read, and I have read very bad books.
One where the couple couldn't DO anything coz the guy had leprosy (but then it miraculously vanished in one night)
Another where it was boring long paced yadda yadda shit. Avon crap.

But there was very good books. Like the Smoke Thief and the Dream Thief by Shana Abe.
OMG those were awesome books! I can't wait for Queen of the Dragons!

I read a few Sylvia Day books (Ellora & Passion for the game) and I cannot wait for Passion for Him.

And of course I read the HP book. And that was a good book.
(About a month later I clarified myself with wikipedia LOL, I was so confused!)

Right now I am reading Almost a Bride by Jane Feather., alright.
Nothing dazzling. If it was really good I would have been done with it already.

I shall review some books soon, including Almost a Bride, if I finish it.
talk to ya'll lata!


ps: everyone is doing it...

coz i had a tad bit of curse words. im a rebel.

Monday, August 27, 2007


ok. so i haven't been blogging in forever. i am slacking.
someone slap my hand haha.

well let me update everyone:

i am single. IDIOTIC insane ME for wasting my time.
seriously, someone HAS to slap my hand. 'Specially for that!
men, well little boys, with debt high at the mountains isn't good boyfriends.
PLUS he had the tendency to always complain about not having money.
LIKE i was gonna "give him a hand." please.
He is a collections agent and is IN collections. fucking sad sad case!
I lose interest in him SOOO damn quiet, I scared myself.

I am back into school. YAY..ehh. lol. I shall be going to a major university next summer, sooo that is what I am really excited about. I shall be far away from home and with my amiga.

I still work the same place. I love it. Nothing has changed there. Same ol same ol.

I am still nose deep in romance books. Haven't stopped since the last time I talked to ya.

i really really neeeeeeed to update my page. Its soo old. I have only been on myspace.
Yeah, neglection is bad.

but friends. talk to me. Tell me info!

Monday, April 02, 2007

new stuff

I haven't been posting. Sorry. I just wanted to stop by and say some things.

Life is good.
School is grande (hahaha whateverrr)
My best friend is awesome, STILL. She has a boyfriend name Michael aka Mike.
I have a boyfriend, named Michael aka Michael. He's sooo awesome.
Work is good (but not today, i shouldn't came in today)

Thats all I have to say. Until next time.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

the ngt of all ngts


So I am talking to this incredible guy. He works with the same employer and UGH, he's such a BABE!
We planned it out to where we would hang out one weekend. And we did. We hung out at my most favoritest place to hang: Jen's Apt. We had SOOOO much funnnn!!

Lets start off the night saying that I kissed my best friends, which were girls, more than I kissed men. Does that make me a lesbian? Its not so bad, this girl on girl action. I just need a bit more of this hot male action. But its getting there. I slept with a man last night. Sir Michael (He's such a fucking babe!!! I like him!)
We just slept, as in sleeping. OMGG! He's such a nice cuddler and he smells sooo good. Even in the morning, he smelled like morning musk and old spice. I didn't want to get outta bed.
I LOOKED bad hahaha. I needed a shower, yes ma'am. But im all clean now. I ate at the same place twice, corams: one for "bfast,lunch,dinner" and then for bfast for today. I felt sick while there, i couldn't eat a thing.
Man I drank a lot last night HAHAHAHA. Chantel you're beer rocks the shit!!!
Dan, awesome job. I didn't know you were like that. Mister "i drink liquor and I bring it in a lime colored suitcase" LMAO. Your KILLER whatchayamacall-it sissy slap drink. OH MAN. That did me in. I love love fruity drinks and that one was THE SHITT. I couldn't even taste the vodka or the rum or whatever else you put in there. That is officially my favorite drink now lol.

So I wasn't suppose to be spending the night, but I totally wanted to. I told my mom that I was spending the night and my dad doesn't believe that I should be because that is not what "proper young adults do." whatev! So I spent the night and my brother is txtn me all these msg's like parents called the cops and mom and dad are pissed blahblah. I come home today and my mom gives me the talk of course, of calling the phone "letting us know what you're doing". I say I am sorry and then hop into the shower. I come out and my brother and my mom and like screaming fucking bloody murder. I am like the hell is going on? So my brother is in more trouble than me. Aint that a doosey? Mom's out gardening lol. She's blowing off steam. But I would thought that my room would have been totally messed up and my clothes out in the yard, but it wasn't. My room as a matter of fact looks cleaner than i left it (or I did a really good job cleaning earlier) My laptop is gone and the current book I am reading is gone, as obvious punishment. Now I don't really mind about the laptop now, since I am on the desktop and the book is a book I hafta read at school so I don't care. Now if I was reading a romance eBook on my laptop, hell is on earth and if I had a romance book, again, hell is on earth. But im alright. I am just happy I didn't get whipped or..grounded or..whatever.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

About time.

After waiting forever for the book, I finally went to the damn library myself to return a book and see if Leslie's book was in.
Guess what?
It was.
And did the employees call to tell me its ready to be picked up?
It was actually on the shelf. I had to look for it.
Anyway. It's such a small book, poo.
I will be done with this piece of paper in a day.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

friday night!!

Have you ever gotten something on the first time around, stopped, and went, "dayyyyyymnnn!!"??
I know someone who did.

So yesterday Channy (my bess friend everr) and I went out to check out this guy she wanting to meet. Dave.
We did. OMFG, he is fucking HOTTTT. WELL DONE CHANTEL! GahLee.
Lemme describe him:
(you'd probably hear so much about him from redundance of chantel)

He's a deep sea diver for the USArmy. He's white, blonde hair and hazel eyes. GORGEOUS Smile, and everrrything. I think he'll treat Channy with respect, I think, you never know with guys. He's not fucking goody goody. OMG, he's starting to make me say fuck a lot now lol. He's 20, turning on 21, just a year older than Chantel, but I think thats perfect. There are other attributes that are WAY BEYOND expectations lol.

sooooo. When's the wedding? Where are my Godbabies?

I am very very tempted to msg Michael and go, are you ignoring me, because I want to get this rolling lol. Im soo envious of Chantel! Damnnn. UGH, you bitch! lmao.

But anyways, we headed out to the Navy base because thats where he was, and he can't leave the base because he had be somewhere in like thirty mins. I never had such hard fucking time looking for that base omg. We went all over, under the rainbow. Quite embarrassing I might add, but it partly my fault (well mostly) because I told Chantel where to go lol. But we eventually found it and went to his BACHELOR QUARTERS with his roomate! His roomate was nice, and to himself mostly. We were not aloud to be there at all! Its like boys in an all girl college. a no no, lol. Then one of his friends brought some alcohol and accessories lol. I got drunk off ONE DAMN CUP of vodka and cranberry juice!!!! I felt the tingling after two sips. Its been awhile. Chantel basicilly didn't drink at all. She gave him an ass massage. Then a whole body massage, which was hot. OMGG. I read enough romance novels to think what the guy is thinking and Dave was thinking, omggg i needdd herrrr yesssss ahhh. LMAO.
Then he gave her the death of all tickling ever. She looked like she was about to explode but again, that was hot. AWW. Then they started making out. She says he's a GREAT KISSER.

I on the other hand was with this guy who just divorced his wife who slept with another man, sold all his stuff including his truck, and beaten his dog. Yea, miss wife is a damn bitch! She beat his dog. HIS DOG. hell no. Again, I got the guy that just wanted sex and thats it. Called me uptight and stiff. Well, I never done anything before, I don't know how to fucking act, and if they didn't believe it, well too bad for them.

I snapped Chantel out of her waterfall of pleasure and we started to leave to head for home. Chantel and him started making out again. I am like dang, break loose.
Then we had THE girlfriend talk in the car and slapped hands. "Very Nice, High Five." was your friday night?